Welcome to dVerse, the poet’s bar! I’m Sarah, and tonight we are frothing and fizzing, and having some fun!

Here’s what I want you to use tonight as inspiration for your poem. I’ve listed some street names for you,  and I want you to imagine what the street is like…or who might live there…or how the name came about. Be whimsical, be dark, be quirky, be funny, be mysterious!

Let’s think for a moment about street names. They’ve always interested me. I like the 19th century developments that commemorate the builder’s wife and daughters, the patriotic streets commemorating battles, or coronations, or the royal family of the time. I like the modern housing estates that scatter wildflower names, or conjure up ancient woodland. On the radio the other day, I heard a lady talk about living in the “royal streets” – King St, Queen St, Princess St, and Regent St. She was planning a royal street party for the royal wedding…

Most of all, though, I like those names that capture a fragment of local history that would otherwise be lost. These names are often strange, quirky – and inspirational!

That’s what I’ve chosen for you tonight. Some of these names are from my local towns, some are from London. If you want to read the stories behind the London ones you can find them here: https://lookup.london/weird-london-street-names/ – but please don’t spoil the fun! Read the explanations AFTER you’ve made up your own…

Here are the names I chose from my local area:

  • Rope Walk
  • Potacre Street
  • Silver Street
  • Catshole Lane
  • Buttgarden Street
  • Gas Lane
  • Coral Avenue
  • Dragon Hill
  • Baron Way
  • Mutton Lane




Coral AvenueDragon HillSilver StreetRope WalkButtgarden laneBaron Way

And here are the London ones:

  • Crutched Friars
  • Bleeding Heart Yard
  • Shoulder of Mutton Alley
  • Hanging Sword Alley
  • Savage Gardens
  • Mincing Lane
  • Trump Street
  • Knightrider Street
  • St Mary Axe
  • Wardrobe Place

Please stick with these street names – I’m very curious to see which one you’ll choose.

You know what to do now – write a poem, link it up via Mr Linky, read and comment on the other poems you find there. This prompt will be up for a couple of days, so check in again, and enjoy this poetic space.