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Hello! This is Mish, pleased to be your host for Quadrille Monday. What is a quadrille?

Perhaps one day, Merriam Webster will feature it like this….


1. originating from dVerse Poets Pub as a poetic prompt,  a poem of any form with exactly 44 words excluding the title, containing one specific given word

We can be hopeful. We are poets. We are dreamers!

Today I’d like to tickle your brain a little bit to slowly reveal our “specific word”.  Humour me please.


Can you find the letter P ?






Great! Hold on to it.


The next letter sounds like a female sheep?

Answer:  Ewe (U) are right!


What letter of the alphabet is pronounced completely different in Canada as it is in the U.S.?

Answer: Zee and Zed


What letter appears three times in this modern art piece?

Answer: Of course, it’s the letter L


I arrive once in every second, once in every minute and once in every year. What am I?

Answer: the letter E

And so you have it. The word to fit into your quadrille is “PUZZLE”.

Wait! Don’t look so perplexed.
You’ve got this!

Just spread those words across the table and puzzle them into place. Find a way to incorporate the word “puzzle” or a derivative of the word. Some examples are….

puzzled, puzzledly, puzzledness, unpuzzle, unpuzzling, puzzler, puzzlement, de-puzzle (ok I made that one up) So can you.

Feel free to puzzle out or puzzle over. As always, the theme of your quadrille is up to you, as long as you include the given word.

Here’s how to join in:

  • Write a quadrille to your blog. Include a link to dVerse to spread the word.
  • Click on Mr. Linky. Post your name, direct url and don’t forget to click on the small checkbox.
  • After adding your poem, kindly read the work of others and leave comments. The Quadrille prompt runs all week so please return to read more.
  • Have fun!