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Welcome, fellow poets. Victoria, here, as a guest host for today’s Haibun Monday. My poetic muse has been MIA since I jumped off the dVerse team into a pool of non-fiction prose for the last couple of months. Thus, today is a welcome immersion into the comforting waters of Haibun and sharing with old friends.

Among the things I savor about late summer are the sounds in nature, and when it first begins to get really warm, one of my favorites is that of the cricket. When night falls and the heat prevails, these little insects begin their quest for a mate. Their call, the product of rubbing their back legs together, becomes more and more insistent as summer progresses, until it slowly diminishes when the days grow shorter and cooler weather makes its appearance.

The Japanese Kigo for Cricket is Koorogi. In Japan, it is considered a Kigo of early autumn, but the Japanese seasons differ from what most of us are used to, and there, late summer ends around August 7th.

For this week’s Haibun Prompt, please consider Koorogi. Think about the moods that its sound evokes for you, its need to procreate or, perhaps, its symbolism in certain cultures. Sometimes, I like to do a bit of research on the Internet to feed creative ideas.

Your Haibun will contain 1-3 terse paragraphs of non-fiction prose, followed by a haiku that references the season. Add your link to Mr. Linky at the bottom of this post and return to visit and comment upon the work of your fellow poets. I look forward to reading your posts while I listen to a background chorus of crickets and sip a nice, chilled Belgian White. What will you have?

This post will be open all week, so drop in and visit later entries when you are able. Thank you.