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Happy Thursday!

Just recently back from a month long journey to Asia, I am still suffering from jet lag! We were last in Japan, which is about a thirteen hour time difference from Boston. So here I am, at 5 AM, writing to all of you, getting ready to schedule OLN for today.

I learned many many years ago from a counselor who met with us before our daughter left for Germany as an AFS exchange student: Things are different. They’re not better. They’re not worse. They’re different. I’ll share those words with you today, as well as some photos from our journey and you can become a global armchair traveler with me!

For those of you new to dVerse, welcome! We’re glad you found us. We’re a virtual pub that invites folks from around the world to join us in poetry making and reading. Prompts are on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. Today happens to be OLN which stands for Open Link Night. This means you are invited to post ONE poem of your choice and link it to dVerse: any form, any topic, old or new. It’s wide open.

As always, please do observe the “rules of conduct” for dVerse:

* Write ONE poem as OLN requests and post it to your blog.

* Click on Mr. Linky below to add your name and enter the DIRECT URL to your poem.

* On your blog, please provide a link back to dVerse.

* If you promote your poem in social media, use the tag #dversepoets

* And most importantly, please do read some of the other responses to OLN and add a short comment or reaction. Everyone likes to be appreciated! OLN is live for several days – as you’ll notice by the comments you’ll receive – sodo stop by another day and read a few of the latecomers as well!