Lillian here, delighted to once again host OLN. Here in Boston, we are inundated with tour buses on fall foliage tours. Our trees are slowly changing into their can-can skirts so they can cavort with their bright colors!

In October, stores display Halloween decorations and they alway make me chuckle. Halloween was a favorite holiday for our kids, growining up in Iowa. We always made homemade costumes and of course, they loved collecting all the candy! I especially loved the little ones coming to our door, some shy holding on to their parent’s hand, others rambunctiously running up to ring our doorbell shouting “Trick or Treat” in little high-pitched voices, as their parents waved to us from the sidewalk.

So – in the spirit of trick-or-treat…..I’m looking for all of you to treat me to some of your poetic thoughts today! No tricks please…..just some good old fashioned posts that may be a treat to the eye, the ear, the senses, etc.  

REMEMBER OLN means you can post ONE poem of your choosing (no specified form, length, word prompt etc)

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Photos: all of our kids and grandkids. In case you’re wondering: the little one in the red jacket is my daughter (now 45) at age 2, dressed as a Martian: colander tied on head, with circular knitting needles through the holes and sticking out on top!

PLEASE REMEMBER: either tag dVerse or add a note at end of your post with a link to dVerse! 

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