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Hello all, today it’s time again to write some prose from poetry. The rules are fairly simple I have chosen a poem for you and from that selected a line (or in this case actually two lines.

Due to the season I would like to make it possible to write something in relation to the various celebrations ongoing.

In India the end of Diwali celebrating light has come, and later on Halloween is celebrated, trick-or-treating, dressed up in various costumes.

In some parts of the world this is also the time celebrating the memory of our dead. All Hallow’s eve coincides more or less with Halloween, and at least for us in Sweden is a day more solemn when we go out to lay flowers and light candles on the graves of our ancestors.

This made me look for poems relating to the season and I found this poem by Louise Glück, an American poet I have been recommended as an inspiration to read when taking a class in writing poetry.

The poem assembles a lot of the magic and mourning of the season, the end of harvest, the moon and the barren nature. In the end the poem turns into a story of itself of the barren woman and the spirit of her dead child that comes calling back in the night of All Hallows.

Of course you are free to write your prose about any subject and the line I have chosen for you to integrate into your prose is:

This is the barrenness of harvest or pestilence

Your prose shall not exceed 144 words and tell a story with a beginning, middle and end. You are free to write either fiction or biographical.

When you are ready, please link up below. Come back and visit, read and comment, and remember to have fun among friends.