Hello poets and friend, this is Björn, your host today.

In all types of writing including poetry the point of view is important, often we as poets tend to get stuck in one or a few familiar ones.

Consider the advantages of the various ones, in the first perspective, we are ourselves, we know our innermost feelings and we can also describe ourselves. The poem is strong, and even though we can pretend to be another person we can decide exactly how much we want to tell. Today this is the most common one.

What about if you changed that perspective, write about yourself in third person, while still knowing the inner life, emotions of that person. Do you notice the difference in tone? You become a divine observer of self.

Or do the same talking to yourself, talking to yourself as someone else. What impression do you achieve? Do you maybe become your own counselor?

Or make yourself into a collective, changing the first person singular into a collective we, and notice the difference.

You can do the same thought experiment starting from a poem written in third person, step into that person and write about it in first person. Dress yourself on his or her persona.

As usual in MTB I would like you to go out of your comfort zone and change the perspective.
You can either start from a poem you written before and change its perspective, or simply write from a perspective you are not used to.

When you have done that post the poem and include a short note on how what you felt when going out of your comfort zone.

Then post the poem to your blog, and link it up below. Visit and comment other poems and have fun as usual.