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Hello my friends, today it’s time to talk verbs.

Verbs turn the wheels and are so much more interesting than other word classes.
Alas, our world is filling up with things, we have warehouses filling up with objects. Innate and passive they sit there, waiting for you, and there are simply too few verbs to move them.

We just have those useless nouns gathering dust.

The word verb is in itself a noun, but verbing a verb turns the noun into a verb.
It is allowed even without a poetic license… (but who cares?)

For example, how do you elevator, firework, or butterfly?
Or is it butterflew in the past tense?

Verbing is a great tool that can also be a tool for imagery and metaphors.

For example we may firework in rage or in orgasm, you decide. What do you do if you marmalade?

Come carousel with me tonight, forget your days of spreadsheeting.

I have found from my own experiment that more complex nouns work better as verbs. I don’t mind to honeysuckle, but to tulip sounds weird for example.

So find a few creative nouns (or use some of the examples I have given) and weave a poem around them.
Some nouns are already established as a verb. For example, you may describe a narrow road snaking along the valley floor (Grammarly didn’t even punish me for that)

When you have written the poem and posted it to your blog, provide a link back to our site and link it up below, the read and visit.

And if you feel like it, just sit down and wine with me.