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Welcome Poets!

Hoping you are safe and healthy as many of us continue to navigate through these tumultuous times. Thank goodness for this kind, supportive and diverse community we call dVerse. The fireplace is crackling so pull up a cozy chair. I brought treats.

You may be familiar with “object poems” where an inanimate item is the subject of the poem. These poems can center around an every day object, such as a door, a jar, a spoon or something of sentimental value. The object is often brought to life using vivid, detailed descriptions of it’s physical appearance and functions.

Here is an example:

A NAVAJO BLANKET / May Swenson (1919–1989)

Eye-dazzlers the Indians weave. Three colors
are paths that pull you in, and pin you
to the maze. Brightness makes your eyes jump,
surveying the geometric field. Alight, and enter
any of the gates—of Blue, of Red, of Black.
Be calmed and hooded, a hawk brought down,
glad to fasten to the forearm of a Chief.

You can sleep at the center,
attended by Sun that never fades, by Moon
that cools. Then, slipping free of zigzag and hypnotic diamond, find your way out
by the spirit trail, a faint Green thread that
secretly crosses the border, where your mind
is rinsed and returned to you like a white cup.


Ultimately, object poems will also create a different perspective of the subject, exposing a deeper representation to the reader. This is where I’d like us to venture poetically today. Let’s focus more on the abstract……SO much so that I’d like you to title or begin your poem with “ THIS IS NOT A _________”



Choose an object from your home or outdoors. Look past the obvious characteristics and uses of this object. Spare us the details. Instead, take us to the connection that it has made with you or what it represents.

What does this object mean? Is their a sentimental attachment? What memories does it hold? (they might not be good ones). How has it’s existence effected you or your life? Does it signify a certain era, event, relationship or transition? What emotion(s) does the object evoke? Is it a symbol of joy, failure, fear, success, childhood, grief, love….? Is there a story? What is this object (to you!) beyond what we see visually.

You may want to add a photo of the object with your poem. Remember to begin with “This is not a ______”

Oh…and by the way. This is not a prompt.  It is me reaching out to you, my poetry friends…across miles, borders and oceans. It is a second mug of tea re-heated and peaceful moments in a dark corner. It is hope for inspiration and anticipation for your brilliant words.

Here’s how to join in:

  • Write a poem in response to the prompt and post it to your blog.
  • Click on Mr. Linky and enter your name and direct url to your poem.
  • Add a link to dVerse on your blog so others can find us too.
  • Visit the work of fellow poets to read and comment.
  • Pop into the pub to say hello.
  • Have fun!