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Since today is the 9th of the 9th month it is fitting for that numeral to inform today’s poetry form –  so let’s meet The Novelinee!

From mists of Avalon she came in white
supernova who split my heart in two
and left untouched silence in endless night
no skyward star to guide my passage through.
While drinking wine I gave my love away
for whispered promises given out of lust,
believing hearts could breathe again today
my dreams now lie amid unwanted dust,
my heart shattered by betrayals of trust.”

Yes, it’s a nine line stanza poem overlaid with this rhyme sequence:

But that’s not all!! The novelinee was invented by Sarah Rayburn from the Spenserian stanza but written in iambic pentameter or 10 syllable lines (decasyllabic) with alternate stresses.

With trust the sweetest breath to keep us strong,
my jewel of love to whom I grant my heart,
with words and smiles for days that seem so long,
so fate has cast the miles to keep apart.
In crystal vagaries we’re hand in hand,
whilst waterfalls cascade a rhythmic beat,
as when we kissed upon the golden sand,
below the rugged crags in love’s retreat,
our passion found in nature’s dancing feet

Your novelinee poem can be just one nine-line stanza (do not split it!)
you may choose to write several stanzas in this form (an open novelinee)
 you might like the two stanza closed novelinee form, in which the beginning line of the first stanza is mirrored at the end of the second stanza, whilst the last line of the first stanza is reflected in the first line of the second stanza:-

“Across the bay where beauty waits for me,
beneath the sun-kissed mountain waterfalls,
enchanting eyes shall tame the wild and free,
my heart is bound by love as Cymru calls.
The cloudy blue of railway smoke dissolved
against the ageing roofing slates of old,
attractions mined before our time evolved,
and children chalked their words in letters bold,
when mountain streams still flowed with yellow gold”

“The mountain streams that flowed with yellow gold,
and wrought the wedding bands of royal kings,
still whisper love and tales the bards oft told,
and magic echoes o’er the valleys and springs.
The land where dragons roam and wizards dwell,
where singing voices set our fathers free,
returning home my heart begins to swell,
rejoice my pride in Wales, her mystery,
across the bay her beauty stood by me.”

Note: because the 2nd stanza is mirroring we are reintroducing the d and a rhymes into it hence:-

Hint: If you find it difficult to count in iambic pentameter then choose any of the above lines and recite them until you can hear/tune in to, the rhythm

 Whichever Novelinee form you choose, remember to add the URL of your post to the Mr Linky widget below. Do leave a comment too and visit your fellow poets as that is half the fun of our Meeting the Bar prompts.

 All novelinee poems quoted here are by Sarah Rayburn – see The Poets Collective

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