Isn’t it amazing, we are now at 300 Open Link. You know the drill, share any one poem read and comment just as usual. But you also know that for those who have been around recently we have added a live version for the first hour the pub is open.

It is easy to join. just click a link and you will be able to watch, listen, participate and even read your own poem. For those joining later I hope to be able to have a recorded version available (with sound hopefully) you can watch later.

You can read any poem you like at the live event but most of us take the opportunity to read the poem we have linked up.

Click here to join the event https://meet.google.com/eqg-poui-tqa?authuser=0&hs=122

Everything else is just as it normally is. link up with Mr Linky, adding your poem from the list.

For those who couldn’t join. Here is a live recording (with sound)