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Lillian here, delighted to host OLN at dVerse. And most excited to announce that today, we are going LIVE for the first hour at the pub: from 3 to 4 PM EST. We hope you join us by clicking on the link below.


WHAT DOES GOING LIVE ENTAIL? It’s a time for dVersers to meet face to face instead of just seeing poems on your devices. It’s a time to connect names with faces and poems with voices! It’s the next best thing to bricks and mortar.


FIRST:  It’s OLN (Open Link Night) so post ONE poem of your choosing on the Mr. Linky box at the bottom of this post. No required length, form, or topic. Be sure to include a Tag that links back to dVerse, or simply indicate at the end of your post that it’s being shared at https://dversepoets.com

SECOND: CLICK ON THE MEET GOOGLE LINK ABOVE OR CLICK HERE, between 3 and 4:00 PM EST if you want to join us LIVE. I’ll ask folks to read their poems aloud, usually in the order they appear on Mr. Linky. BUT – if you’d rather not read aloud, not to worry. Just come sit in, say “hi”, listen, and give some feedback if the spirit moves you.

The pub itself is open long past 4 PM for you to enter ONE poem of your choosing on Mr. Linky and to read the posts of others.

WE USE GOOGLE MEET for our LIVE sessions which means you should be able to click on the link and run it on your browser. If that doesn’t work, download the Google Meet app and run it on your Smartphone or Tablet. I recommend you use a headset for the best experience. And please do mute your microphone when you are not talking – and most especially, when others are reading.

It’s my first time to host OLN LIVE so we’ll see how it goes. I’m sure I’ll flub up a bit…especially with names but hey! We’re a friendly bunch so I know I’ll be forgiven. It’s just FUN to see and chat with everyone! Come join us!