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Lillian here, happy to host Quadrille Monday at dVerse.

It’s November first and the seasons are quickly changing here in the Northeastern part of the US. Thousands of “leaf peepers” have descended on Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine in the last few weeks, enjoying nature’s magnificent show of fall foliage. Halloween is just past and Salem, Massachusetts is finally relaxing after thousands of tourists visited during the month of October and literally hundreds careened around the small town the day and night of Halloween itself. The draw of course, is the town’s sordid history: the Salem Witch Trials. Boston, with its Freedom Trail and being the home of so much history concerning the American Revolution, gladly entertains the spillover tourists during these fall months.

So what, you’re asking, is the required word for today’s Quadrille prompt? Well, it appeared in the paragraph above. As we’re careening past autumn and into winter, I began to think about how the seasons seem to pass so much more quickly as I get older. So I thought….why not? The word for today’s Quadrille is “careen”. Remember, you must use the word itself, or a form of the word, not a synonym for the word. And the word must appear in the body of your poem of exactly 44 words, sans title.

New to dVerse?  Need to be refreshed on the rules?

Here’s what to do:

  • Write a quadrille (a poem of EXACTLY 44 words, not including the title) AND include the word “careen” or a form of the word within the body of the poem. A synonym for careen does not fulfill the prompt. It must be the word, or a form of the word.
  • Post the poem to your blog AND add the exact URL for your poem to Mr. Linky below.
  • REMEMBER to either TAG dVerse in your post, or include a link at the end of your poem that leads readers back to dVerse (https://dversepoets.com).
  • If you do not TAG or include a link to dVerse at the end of your poem, I will gently remind you to add it and then, sadly, if you do not, I will have to delete your post from Mr. Linky. Sorry to be so tough on the rules…..but truly, this is how we extend the reach of dVerse and how you get more readers as well!
  • Finally, we hope you’ll tour around Mr. Linky and read and comment on the posts of others. It’s always nice to get some feedback!

Photo taken in Stowe, Vermont by Matthew Cadwell.