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It’s Open Link Night!

It just dawned on me that the last time I hosted was our Thanksgiving in Canada and here we are again. Although this holiday is not celebrated by everyone or every country represented in our wonderful dVerse community, I think we can all sit down to a little poetry….and pie. Yes, why not!

Let’s devour some pie poetry….

Perfect for Any Occasion

by Alberto Rios


Pies have a reputation.
And it’s immediate —no talk of potential

Regarding a pie. It’s good
Or it isn’t, but mostly it is—sweet, very sweet

Right then, right there, blue and red.
It can’t go to junior college,

Work hard for the grades,
Work two jobs on the side.

It can’t slowly build a reputation
And a growing client base.

A pie gets one chance
And knows it, wearing as makeup

Those sparkling granules of sugar,
As a collar those diamond cutouts

Bespeaking Fair Day, felicity, contentment.
I tell you everything is great, says a pie,

Great, and fun, and fine.
And you smell nice, too, someone says.

A full pound of round sound, all ahh, all good.
Pies live a life of applause.


But then there are the other pies.
The leftover pies. The ones

Nobody chooses at Thanksgiving.
Mincemeat? What the hell is that? people ask,

Pointing instead at a double helping of Mr.
“I-can-do-no-wrong” pecan pie.

But the unchosen pies have a long history, too.
They have plenty of good stories, places they’ve been—

They were once fun, too—
But nobody wants to listen to them anymore.

Oh sure, everybody used to love lard,
But things have changed, brother—things have changed.

That’s never the end of the story, of course.
Some pies make a break for it—

Live underground for a while,
Doing what they can, talking fast,

Trying to be sweet pizzas, if they’re lucky.
But no good comes of it. Nobody is fooled.

A pie is a pie for one great day. Last week,
It was Jell-O. Tomorrow, it’ll be cake.


During my childhood and beyond, we always had pumpkin pie for dessert at Thanksgiving. It seems the obvious topping would be whipped cream. However, our family had our own tradition, a generous drizzle of pure maple syrup. Trust me, there is nothing like it. This year, I decided to try both. Game changer.

Of course you do NOT have to write about Thanksgiving or pie. It’s OLN after all, giving your muse the freedom to explore any topic. Just share ONE poem of your choice for us to nibble on.

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