Hello all,

Another year is coming to an end and this is the last Open Link for this year. As you know by now we are trying to meet for the first hour of the opening of the bar. I find it so nice to see and listen to you all, and it is something different to really see each other. This is especially true when so many things have been closed to us. Sweden has been a bit more open than many other countries, but that doesn’t mean we have been living without restriction. For almost two years I have been working from home, and I can almost not see a life where I actually have to go to an office (and meet with colleagues on the other side of the world in video meetings). I actually find that I have come closer to people far away while people in my town have drifted away.

The same with you my friends, you are as close to me as my closest neighbor.

Tonight you may link up as usual and we go around and visit each other commenting as usual, but for anyone who wants to join in the live edition just click the lint and join us in a Google meet. Since I will be busy in the live event I might not visit until later during the weekend.

Follow this link to join: https://meet.google.com/cyb-rtob-iks?authuser=0&hs=122

And as always you can link up one poem under Mr Linky, Please provide a link back to dVerse on your site.

Enjoy, have fun and smile.

We had a great time at the live event.