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This time of year has always had special significance for me so with a touch of the personal I’ve chosen some poetry to do with weddings and their anniversaries

William Carlos Williams is succinct in his imagery of the couple in “Marriage

“So different this man, this woman
And this woman:
A stream flowing
In a field.

For Mary Elizabeth Coleridge, hers was not a marriage of true minds and hence her ”Marriage” poem has tinges of regret

No more alone sleeping, no more alone waking,
Thy dreams divided, thy prayers in twain;
Thy merry sisters tonight forsaking,
Never shall we see, maiden, again.

Never shall we see thee, thine eyes glancing.
Flashing with laughter and wild in glee,
Under the mistletoe kissing and dancing,
Wantonly free…”

Whilst Alicia Ostriker paints a candid “Anniversary

“…Thirty, home, and work. We cohabit in a functioning machine.
There is violence, somewhere else. Do we wish this? It occurs,
The flayed combatant, the dismembered child,
The instruments in the basement. We must wish it. See,
Between us is peace, our babies are plump,
I know you, I caress you, I fail you. My faith adheres
In nothing. Don’t leave me, don’t leave me.

And so for today’s poetry prompt it’s all about couples, twos, in other words couplets!

1. The Cote – a poem of uneven couplets attributed to John Schroeder. L1 being a single imperative verb, L2 is a glossing or expansion of L1. Rhyme and meter is of your own choosing. More info here

 For example:

Mix and blend, enjoy the place

Chance upon receptive face


2. Choose any one of Couplet forms listed here

Once you have published your poem, add it to the Mr Linky below. Then go visiting other contributors  as that is half the enjoyment of our dVerse gatherings.