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It’s Quadrille Monday here at dVerse, that fun day when we cling to our keys and bring poems of just 44 words into the writing ring. As with all Quadrilles, we ask you to include one word we provide. So today, the wing’s the thing. 

Write about a hospital wing, or a pilot getting their wings. Write something that’s for the birds. Poem on a wing and a prayer. Go political if you dare. Just wing it. Serve us up some saucy buffalo wings (do you like ’em mild, medium, or spicy hot?) Your poem is waiting in the wings – go find it! 

New to the Q? No need to wing it; here’s what to do: 
Fling us a poem of just 44 words (not counting the title), including some form of the word wing. Post your poem on your own blog, and link up with us using the Mr. Linky below. Then wing your way around the web to read some of the best poets around! The Quadrille flies all week, so be sure to come back and read (and write) some more! 

Some musical inspiration: 

Mister Mister: 

Bette Midler: 

David Bowie: 

And a healing thought, caught: