Winter, Kragero
Edvard Munch

Hello all, 

Today it seems like Christmas is getting close and for me who still have work to attend to, there are plenty of things to keep me busy. Solstice is still a few weeks away, and it’s dark when I leave for work, it is dark when I come home. 

We have not done a lot of Christmas decorations and I think that there is less illumination than usual (blame the price and shortage of electricity). It has also turned cold the last week. Temperatures are below freezing and ice has started to cover some of the smaller lakes. If this continues it might be possible to skate during the holiday.

As for the holiday, I guess that you have all noticed that it will be very few days off from work as the red days are all perfectly aligned with the weekend. 

Yet another reason that I think 2022 will be remembered as yet a very bad year. It started on such a positive note with the pandemic more or less coming to an end. Then came the war which I think affected us all more or less. 

This is a time to think back, reflect, and maybe also hope 2023 will bring many positive changes.

We have still another week before we go on a brief break, but today we will be live and you may bring any poem or just listen in. We open it when the prompt goes live and keep it open for one hour.

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