Hello, recently I have checked a bit on AI and saw what it could do for me as a blogger and poet.

The most well-known AI tool is Chat GPT which you can sign up at: https://openai.com/blog/chatgpt/ However, I found https://writesonic.com/chat and managed to convince it to write a “poem” for me on the subject of the darkness of winter.

The winter nights are so dark and cold
An endless chill that never grows old
The days are short, the nights are long
The darkness lingers like a mournful song

The snowflakes fall like tears from the sky
Grieving for what’s been left behind
The winter shadows creep through the trees
Engulfing all in its cold embrace

The wind whistles a sorrowful melody
Reminding us of what once was free
The frozen lake reflects a misty moon
Dimming the stars and their tune

The darkness of winter is so melancholic
But there is beauty in it’s sorrowful hues
It’s a reminder of the endless cycle of life
And of the new life that will come in time.

You can also ask the AI to create a picture for you. I asked the chatbot to: paint me a picture on the subject of “depressing winter”, and got one.

Personally, I think it did better on the picture than on the poem. The poem, though perhaps OK from a technical point of view, is not very original and is overloaded with cliches, but maybe with a lot of editing, it can grow into something decent.

Another tool totally dedicated to poetry is one created by Google, which is more like a collaboration with famous poets. You can find it here: https://sites.research.google/versebyverse/
I did a very quick couplet

So today I would like you to see what you may do with any AI tool to write your own poem. Please indicate in your response what tools you have been using (including any artwork) and how you worked your own voice into the poem.

When you are done, please post it to your blog, linking back to dVerse.Then put the link directly to your poem at Mr. Linky below.
Leave a message in the chat below and If there is any other tool you may wish to share please share, and do not forget the usual process of reading and commenting on other poets’ work.
And lastly, do you think we will be replaced by AI, or do you think we will use it as a tool when we write (just as we have learned to use other online tools such as rhyme dictionaries, online thesaurus, etc.).