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Greetings, fellow breathers of the written word. De Jackson here, aka WhimsyGizmo. It’s time again for my personal favorite of all our prompts, the Quadrille. This tiny little puff of a poem is an invention of dVerse’s own design: exactly 44 words, including one word we provide.

Today, I want you to give your poems a bit of a gasp.

Gasp. Gasping. Gasped.

Will your poem gasp in surprise, or gasp its last breath? Will you play with an invented word or meaning of your own? (For example, what would it mean to “gasplight” someone? How would you feel after drinking some bubbly gasperilla?  Can success be “within your gasp?”)

Here are a few last gasps of inspiration:

Is the Q new to you? Here’s what to do:
No need to gasp in panic! The Quadrille is really quite simple when you boil it down: Pen us a poem of exactly 44 words, not counting the title, and literally including some form of the word gasp. Post your piece on your own blog, and link here using the Mr. Linky icon below. Then breathe your way around the blogosphere to gasp in delight at some of the finest poets around. The Quadrille is open all week, so don’t forget to come back later to read (and write) some more!

**A quickly gasped note from De:
I’ve got a family thing today and tomorrow, so sweet Sanaa will be bartending for me. (Thanks again, Sanaa!) I should be back around on Wednesday. Happy poeming, all.

And as “we both gasp in the evening air”…
(The Who)

And here’s a good “Weird” 70s/80s mashup for ya:
(Jumpin’ Jack Flash is a gasp, gasp, gasp)

Polkas on 45, Weird Al Yankovic:

(Hope that one gave you a good laugh.)