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Growing up, on Christmas eve, we would gather with extended family at my great aunts house. There would be a fire in the fireplace. Each family would bring food and place it on one large table where we would fill our plates. My great uncle would at some point during the night contact Santa on the radio and we would tell him what we wanted and wish him well on his trip.

Family would show up that we did not see through out the year, coming in from great distance just to be together this one night. For me, Christmas is about that. Pausing just to be with those that are dear to you.

Each of you that participate here at dVerse, sharing your talent, are dear to us. Without you dVerse would be just another site to post your poetry, but I really believe we have something special.

I see it in the way people interact here in the comments as well as at each others sites. Thank you for making that so. I hope that tonight and on Christmas day each of you are with those that love you.

If you would like to leave a poem under the tree, please do so. There is no theme. If you have time, pick one from under the tree and send a little warmth to the one that wrote it.

We wish each of you a Merry Christmas!

~The Pub Tenders