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God Speed! by Edmund Blair Leighton, 1900: a l...

"God Speed!" by Edmund Blair Leighton...because nothing sums chivalrous love quite as well. Image care of Wikimedia Commons.

After a temporary hiatus last week brought about by too many family members loitering around the bookshelf, an excess of ham, and internet that would make coffee shops cry, Pretzels and Bullfights returns today with a Sicilian treat for you all.

Giacomo da Lentini was a 13th century poet of the Sicilian school—and one of their finest examples, given that he is credited with having invented what we know today as the sonnet. As was typical of the time, of course, most of these concern courtly love, and the more chivalrous aspects of life. But regardless of where your taste swings, it’s certainly interesting to see how the originator of this legendary poetic styling worked it for himself, and to that regard, I give you today’s poem…

“Io m’aggio posto in core”

Oh, and happy New Year everyone! Hope you kicked things off right over the weekend.

~Chris Galford

I have a place in my heart for God reserved,

So that I may go to Heaven,

To the Holy Place where, I have heard,

People are always happy and joyous and merry.

I wouldn’t want to go there without my lady

The one with fair hair and pale complexion,

Because without her I could never be happy,

Being separated from my lady.

But I do not say that with blasphemous intent,

As if I wanted to sin with her:

If I did not see her shapely figure

And her beautiful face and tender look:

Since it would greatly comfort me

To see my woman shine in glory.

~Giacomo da Lentini