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Did your heart beat a bit faster when you read these well-known words…?

Maybe you even felt like a child again, on the couch with a glass of milk and a big book, leaving bread crumbs in the forest with Hänsel and Gretel, sweeping ash with Cinderella, listening to the tunes of the Pied Piper, scaring the robbers away with the Town Musicians of Bremen or outwitting the giant with the The Valiant Little Tailor… ?

But what exactly is the magic with Fairy Tales…?

Well you know…living in the land of the Grimm brothers, I grew up with fairy tales and felt quite at home in this world of evil wizards and beautiful princesses, of witches, talking frogs and mean stepmothers…and trying to analyze them a bit, I found out what I like most is..

  • they tell an easy to understand story
  • they touch us on an emotional level
  • they make us curious how the story continues
  • the arc of suspense is masterfully woven
  • they look at human nature without pink glasses but almost disgustingly realistic
  • we often find ourselves in the stories /can identify with the characters
  • they deliver their ethics in an easy to understand way
  • no matter how bleak it looks..there will always be a happy end..

..so for me, they never lost their spell over the years.. and I really think we can learn from these Masters of storytelling and weave some of the magic into our own poetry..

Sometimes we take customers from the company I’m working for, to a technical trade fair and we make our way there along the german fairy tale route, visit the places where the Grimm brothers lived and where their stories played… and sometimes, in the bus while we drive, I grab the mic and read a fairy tale to them…all grown up men and women…engineers, company leaders…and guess what…they just love it…

So today, let’s write a fairy tale poem…this may be a piece, inspired by an old or new fairy tale or you may want to invent your own, modern one..? go for it..

You can also deliver a certain morale with your write or serve us some wizards, witches, gnomes, heroes, princes…whatever jumps to your mind, lots of different possibilities..but please..weave a bit of magic into our everyday…smiles

Here’s how it works…

    • Write your poem
    • Post it on your blog
    • Click the Mr. Linky button below, and in the new window that opens up input your name and direct url of the poem
    • Visit others who have taken the challenge
    • have fun!