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If you are active online, you have no doubt seen the call to take May Day 2012 as a day in support of the 99% A day where you will forgo shopping, work, school, to stand in solidarity with those who are against corrupt corporations and big bank bailouts. Anyone who reads my poetry, knows I stand tall with these supporters, and I am ready to change the world.

This is the power of poetry! For me, the call to pick up my pen and write out my frustration with the world is strong. It is paramount to my sanity.  It allows me a voice. One where I can shout my opinions to the world (as misguided as they may be) and ideally, open up communication with like-minded folks the globe over. Those who disagree, need not read my words. They can turn the page, switch the screen, or maybe, if I’ve played my cards right, they can grab a pen and write their own poem in response.

No matter your beliefs, your opinions, your grievances, there is room for your words. Imagine a world where words are the true weapons (in my world…they are) The power you hold in the pen you bring each week is god-like. Cherish it, respect it, nurture it and open yourself to the gifts it can bestow upon you.

Just over a year ago, I never imagined I would find so many wonderful, thoughtful, colorful word benders.  I am constantly amazed and in awe of the absolute talent that fills these virtual pub walls.  If I could bring you all under my wing to allow you the ability to write to your heart’s desire, I would do it in a New York Minute.

Poets, the world needs your words now more than ever. Know your worth, and never let doubt shadow your pages.  There was a time in our history when each and every one of you would have been revered above all…that hasn’t changed for me, and I’ve got a feeling, it’s the same for many who visit us each week.

Can you feel that…that tug on your heart…don’t panic…it’s just the poem you were born to write!

So let’s do this, shall we?  Here’s how:

  • Post your poem to your blog. This is a free write. No prompt, no form, just a call for your words.
  • Copy your post link.
  • Click on our Mr.Linky button. Here you will be prompted to paste your post address, enter your name, and click submit. You are in! (If Mr. Linky has already pulled a previous post for you, simply backspace to delete and then paste in the appropriate post)
  • Now the fun begins! Revisit Mr. Linky to search out other poets who have answered the call. Visit their links, commenting when compelled.
  • We are community! We share, we tweet, we thumbs-up, and pin it! Use whatever social networking platform you favor to help spread the PoetLove!