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Many things can change in the run of a year. (My hair color is just one example) Some things wither and wilt, run out of steam, just up and peter out; others switch direction, ending up in left field with no idea how they got there; then, you have those things that stay, finding a foothold in the fertile soil of kindred spirits and shared visions. This is how I like to think of dVerse, as we gather to celebrate OpenLinkNight #52.

Whether you have been here from the start or are brand new to the pub, never…ever, doubt your importance. You are what makes dVerse. Every unique voice, every shiny or shadowed spirit…we are a blend seldom found and one I am so honored to be a part of.

As we look to another year getting underway, you can look forward to new and creative ideas ahead…not to mention a week-long celebration kicking off Monday. There’s bound to be surprises, and we know there will be fantastic poetry.  I’m pretty confident in saying that will never change!

So thank you Poets…for making this such an awesome place to gather, for joining us each week and most of all, for being the wonderful word weavers you are.

Brian and Claudia, and the rest of the team, thank YOU…for bringing your vision, to all of us!  It’s been a fantastic year…


Here’s how to play:

  • Post a poem to your blog. Copy the address link of the post you will be selecting.
  • Click the Mr. Linky button above.
  • Here you will be asked to submit your name and paste your post address. (If Mr. Linky has already pulled a post and it is not the proper one, simply delete and paste in the proper post.)
  • That’s it…you’re in! Now look at the wonderful list of poets already playing, and pick your poison.
  • We are community! Comment and share, read and read again. This is what OpenLinkNight is all about.