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(if you are looking for OpenLinkNight, it is still going on here until midnite tonight)

Happy Anniversary Wednesday poets! Keeping the fun going this week, we are partnering with White Cat Publications. and specifically their new e-zine Nain Rogue to provide you an opportunity to be published. Well, actually six of you.

Just as we were a year ago, Nain Rogue is a start-up. Through the end of the year, they plan on publishing in e-zine format and then in 2013 add a quarterly print journal. Below are a few sections taken from their mission statement.

Nain Rouge is a start-up journal of poetry and prose and art. Our focus is geared towards urban life. But not just the concrete where millions of people call home but to the individuals journey, we nod to the fact that every one has a different definition of what is URBAN. Urban life is not all decay, rot, and ruin but while we recognize a lot of it all over the world is DR&R we also find that within that is the hope that by making an effort enough voices will unite to form a tide of change.

We hope to add a voice to that tide and in so doing maybe assist at least one person find a different path than the one they are on and in finding that new direction they will be saved from themselves and the culture they live in, whether it is the crowded slums or dirt floored village. Urban is everywhere under the great expanse of sky.

Here is your opportunity:

1. Write a poem(s) with an urban theme – this should be easy, considering that throughout the year we have used city and urban as prompts for Poetics.

Details: Each poet can submit up to three poems. Each poem can not exceed 400 words and if you do three, you are limited to 1000 words total.

2. Email your submission(s) to dversepoets@gmail.com. Please include your name, webpage or blog and email address in the body of the email. The subject line of your email should read ANNIVERSARY CONTEST.

All submissions with be given a PIN number in place of the name and sent to the editors of Nain Rogue anonymously for selection. We will announce the (6) six winners here at dVerse Poets in the coming weeks.

Submissions will remain open until 3 PM EST July 25th.

Fine print: Nain Rogue wants publication rights (yes it can be something  published somewhere else but cite that in your submission) in an electronic format and if we choose to put it in the paper and ink journal the rights to that publication in that journal. In short, you, except for those two things, keep your own copyright which allows you to publish it, sell it or do whatever you want with it as long as you cite that we published it in digital and/or print format in such and such volume and issue.

Alright, there you have it poets. If you have any further questions, please feel free to drop them in the comments and we will answer them as they come.

You have a week to do this, so take your time and we will be reminding you along the way. Happy Anniversary once more to all of you!

~ Brian & Claudia