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As we were preparing for this anniversary, I took the opportunity to look back over the year—flipping through each prompt, clicking on a few links and remembering some of the fun times.

What a year we have had.

Hundreds of poems. Thousands of poets. If you participated in everything, you have 158 poems you wrote, just for dVerse. That is pretty amazing.

Every week, I am impressed as well with the quality of work. It is really cool to see people, over time, refine their voices as well. It is great to see new faces each and every week, among friends that have grown familiar.

I wish we had a slide show of pictures inside an actual pub of each of you delivering your poems or sitting around tables chatting like you do in the comments.

Today though, we will look back and ask each of you to pick one poem you wrote throughout the year and link that in — an encore performance — as we take one more look back before we move ahead into Year Two.

  • Pick a poem that you previously linked to dVerse
  • Click on the Mr. Link below and enter your name and the direct url
  • Visit a few of those linked, even if you read it before, and let them know your thoughts—and enjoy it again.
  • Tweet it out, Facebook it, whatever your social media choice
  • Have fun!

Thank you for a great year! ~Brian & Claudia