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Don’t know how it is for you, but I need my little escapes, the time gaps in between where I flee the crowd and noise and just spend some time alone.

Maybe it has to do with autumn and nature preparing for its winter retreat, but I feel this need to be alone stronger at this time of year usually. What I did last year then was escaping to Brighton where I spent some days on my own in a cozy bed & breakfast place, walking the beach for hours, writing, sitting in the sun, cuddling up in bed and doing nothing in specific. It was wonderful..

Don’t get me wrong, I love to be with people, with my family, my colleagues at work but in the hustle bustle also need some quiet moments, maybe just a few minutes, doesn’t have to be much.

Last week on my business trip, I spent most of my day with around hundred people and I loved it, but in the mornings, at dawn, before the day started, I went to the empty park across the road, took off my shoes and walked barefoot in the dew, just breathing and enjoying the solitude.

I thought for today, we could write about these quiet moments you spend, sitting on the breakfast table with a cup of coffee in hand or alone on a park bench, watching people or reading the newspaper.

Or maybe write from the middle of life’s hectic about the lonely island you’d love to go, the one image that hits you right in the middle of a busy meeting and beams you on top of a huge tree in a silent forest. Or maybe write about your fantasy trip through a universe of stars just on your own.

Doesn’t matter if it’s reality or daydream, just capture a bit of solitude in a poem and link up with us when you feel ready to face a big crowd of poets again..


Here’s how it works–

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  • Enjoy your time