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   I have a dream. It’s really a very simple one despite all the barking I do about changing the world.  I have a dream of seeing poetry appreciated by the masses. I see poets and wordweavers, sitting in corners of coffee shops and pubs, out in the real world, writing their words, knowing the rent is paid and there’s food in the cupboards.  I see them rising to greet the sun with faith in their good works, and faith in the people who read them.  I don’t think I’m the only one with this dream 😉

Here at dVerse, each and every week, we take great strides towards seeing that dream realized.  Not a week goes by without a new poet finding the courage to step to our virtual stage. It is vital to our passion to welcome these new voices, to celebrate their words, just like we have done for each other for the past 62 OpenLinkNights.

This week, I urge you to seek out the new faces. To fall into their stories, to reach out your virtual hands in welcome.  I’ve got the bar covered, but lets make sure everyone finds a nice comfy seat, well within ear-shot of those virtual amps where their voices will shine.

I’m Natasha Head, and I want to welcome each and everyone of you to the best spot for poetry EVER! Welcome to OpenLinkNight!

For the old and new alike…here’s how we make the magic happen:

  • Post a poem to your blog or website.
  • Copy the address of the specific post.
  • Give Mr.Linky a click and where indicated, paste your post address, insert your name and click submit…hello poetry! You’re in!
  • Please refrain from posting more than one piece, to allow everyone a chance at getting their work read. We do this every week…and also offer two additional prompts for posting thru the week that a second piece may just work for.
  • Revisit Mr.Linky to see the links of all the poets who are sharing their words. Spend some time with a few of them, commenting and liking, engaging the writer and fostering our community. Share with your networks, spread the poet love.
  • Most of all, have fun, read well and perhaps the inspiration for your next great post will be revealed!