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Crisp autumn air.  Green grass cut into sections by white paint. Noise. Expectation. The snap of leather on flesh and all the crashing bodies. Impact. The world turns left then right and constricts around you. Then you get back up, go to the line and do it again.

This fall, my son, Cole (8), has been playing football. His first game was against a team that his team had never beat. Ever. In twelve years they marked an L by that game. This year they started the season facing ‘that team.’ In their only night game. Under the lights. To a crowd of several hundred.

And won.

This is not just to brag about my son or get you inspired by a David beats Goliath story—

There was a point in the fourth quarter when we knew the game was over. It was 14-0 and the clock was ticking quickly away. All our boys had to do was keep moving the ball. That is when it happened. One of the spectators for the other team—when our team tried to snap the ball—started blowing an air horn and our guys just stopped and looked thinking it was the ref and the other team stripped the ball and took off.

The ref told our coach, ‘I know it is poor character, but it’s their ball.’

Life is not fair like sometimes. Sometimes people cheat to get ahead and our system rewards them. It even happens here. People show up with no intention of mingling with anyone or visiting others, but they don’t mind getting the comments.

Since changing jobs I work until 4 pm, so I now start my rounds much later than I used to and the last several weeks as I was visiting everyone, I was happy to see people that had commented before me on some of the poems. To me that shows the health of a community.

So I just wanted to take the time to say thank you to all those out there building this community of poets, encouraging each other, pointing out what they like—you are the ones that keep me doing this week after week.

You are dVerse poets.

So let’s get this party started! Welcome to OpenLinkNight, my name is Brian Miller and I will be your host. If you are new here, let me guide you to your next steps:

  • Write a poem and post it to your webpage or blog, include a link to dVerse Poets so others can join in
  • Click on the Mr. Linky button below and enter the direct URL or web address to your poem as well as your name
  • Visit others that you see on the list
  • Use the social media of your choice to promote yourself, other poets and OpenLinkNight
  • Enjoy, I think we have some of the most amazing poets that link in here & some pretty cool people as well.

See you out on the trail!  ~Brian