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Happy Monday everyone! Hopefully those of you affected by Franken-Storm are all safe right now. I am typing this on Sunday evening and the rain has started here but we do not have the winds…yet. The bulk of the storm is passing through overnight.

I wanted to take the opportunity today to pause and thank Chris for doing a great job with Pretzels & Bullfights. For me it was an education. Poetry was not my thing up until a few years ago. I wrote short story and prose up until I was challenged to try it by a commenter on one of the stories I posted on my blog.

I wrote poetry for several months before I started to read published poets or study the art. Many of the poets that Chris introduced to us, I had never read—and in reading gained great insight into how other poets approach the art form.

The way I entered into poetry, through the encouragement of someone else also has a huge influence on how I approach poetry & other poets. It is also one of the main reasons for creating dVerse Poets and previously One Stop Poetry. It is why I personally try to read as many of you as I can that join us for OpenLinkNight or one of our prompts.

It is in community that we grow—through reading an interacting.

That being said, Claudia & I have been talking about what we are going to do with Pretzels & Bullfights, and we received a few ideas from our amazing team. We have not decided yet what we will do with the space.

We would like to open it up to any ideas that you might have for Pretzels & Bullfights. Please let us know in the comments below.

Again, I hope that everyone is safe and/or enjoying their Monday. Look forward to seeing all of you tomorrow for OpenLinkNight. Thanks for being a part of what makes dVerse so special.   ~Brian