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It’s the Season of the Witch and those of us along the eastern seaboard have named her Sandy.  Here, we’ll feel her steam through the overnight, but for those of you out there dealing with her full frontal assault, please know our thoughts and prayers are with you.

For those of us who will be celebrating a water-logged Halloween, if we celebrate at all, perhaps we can take some comfort in knowing our virtual pub has proven  quite strong against the elements and the mood, as always, is welcoming and warm.

Tonight, the spotlight is yours, dear Poets…as we cling to your words as the anchor of “normalcy” (gasp!) they provide us. No matter from where in the world you may be writing, you can trust we are clamoring to hear you.

So bring us your best! The link is free and open.  Will you be tricksters, weaving haunting spells and incantations in honor of the seasons? Will you take the role of healers, providing hymns and prayers for those in need? Will you be Tom and Jerry, battling multiple cartoon personalities in Technicolor? Break out your best costumes, take advantage of the virtual treat bowls and best of all, lose yourself in some of the most amazing poetry to be found on the web…or anywhere for that matter.

I’m Natasha Head and you know what time it is…

It’s OpenLinkNight…Trick or Treat?