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changing lanes /pic by c. schoenfeld

changing lanes /pic by c. schoenfeld

If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.  ~Author Unknown

My worst California freeway experience was when I was driving in heavy traffic, music up, window down, smiling, sun in my face on a six lane freeway on the very right lane. My smile froze the moment when my GPS told me that I have to take the next exit in 700 meters left… LEFT?!? That hit me cold because on german highways, you NEVER EVER have exits on the left side of the highway… after some seconds of shock (I probably lost 200 meters over this) I decided…ok…either change lanes or miss the exit.. and I  made it (with cold sweat pearls on my forehead–)

Welcome to our last Poetics in 2012, my name is Claudia, the year’s about to turn and all through the year as well, there’s change in different forms, we may change jobs, a baby is born, the kids move out, maybe we settle in another town, change the color of our hair or decide we have to change our lifestyle, eat more healthy, make more sports, whatever…change is omnipresent if we like it or not.

Unexpected change usually makes us feel a bit insecure and companies who go through severe changes usually put up a group of people who are responsible for the change management, making sure that everything runs smoothly and that people feel safe in the process.

For today, let’s write about change and turns, no matter if it’s the turn of year that we’ll celebrate in a few days, turn of page, personal change, political change, a changing of lanes or the U-turns life took, expected or unexpected, wishful thinking or real.. wide, wide open field.. just bring all the spare change you find in your writing pockets…smiles

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