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dverselogoCharles Bukowski said “The secret is in the line.”

Period. That was his recipe for powerful writing.

After watching Madagascar 3 last weekend, I would add “The secret is in having fun with what you’re doing and in enjoying the journey”

In the movie, this charming bunch of animals buys a circus, actually only as a “tool” to make their way from Europe, where they stranded back to New York.

At one point they even discover that they could’ve bought a plane instead of this circus that was quite run down and didn’t look at all promising.

The turn came when they started having fun, when they re-kindled passion and thought about new ways to surprise and enthuse the audience.

In the end, back in NYC, they suddenly realized that they had changed too much to ever fit into their old lives again.

And speaking of exciting journeys, together with Frank Watson, we’re just about to put together a dVerse voices anthology where we want to include as many of your voices as possible. So don’t be shy and join us. Click here for the details.

And for tonight..

Manage free! I’m Claudia and it’s my pleasure to switch on the spotlights in the pub now. No matter what you do, be it Trapeze, High Wire or jumping through a ring of fire – let’s just have a wonderful, crazy, inspiring, fun time together!

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