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daisies /pic by c. schoenfeld

daisies /pic by c. schoenfeld

When I walked out the door this morning, the cherry trees were blossoming… 4 weeks late…ha, they took their time & I’ve been waiting so impatiently, checking in on them every day..

because… with the cherry blossoms comes spring… my fav time of the year..

And even though I’m suffering from hay fever, there’s just nothing better than to see how nature awakes, days getting longer again. And I love sitting with a cup of coffee  in the half-dark in the morning, listening to the birds that just came back from the south, happily falling in love, finding their mates, building nests.

And I finally can take my street bike out of the cellar, do the first bike- and skating tours, stretch out on the lawn, talk to the earthworms, the scent of barbecue in the air, kids playing in the streets & life feels just good.

So our theme for today is spring– spring in the countryside, in the city, new blossoms, the scent of fresh forest soil, spring games, picknicks, a precious memory of a very special spring or spring as a metaphor …wherever your fantasy takes you… no specific form required, dip your pen in a dot of sunshine, write  a poem and join us..

If you’re here for the first time, here’s how it works..

  • write a spring poem and post it to your blog
  • click the Mr Linky button below and enter the direct URL to your poem.
  • this is where you will find the list of other participants – go visit them, tell them what you felt when you read, what you liked about their piece.
  • promote your piece on the social media of your choice, if you include the tag @dversepoets it makes it easier for us to promote you as well.

Have fun writing.. and wishing you all a wonderful day…