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dverselogoLast weekend,  I was in Munich – very spontanouesly to meet a friend – and it was raining cats and dogs. I visited the newly opened Lenbachhaus that has some breath-taking artwork and stood an hour in line in the rain to get inside, and while I was waiting talked a bit to a lovely elderly couple.

I went to the English Garden and had a beer and sausages at the Chinese tower there, on my way back I met a guy from New York who just moved to Munich two weeks ago and we walked together to the city center cause the bus didn’t go and had a nice chat.

I rented a room in  a private flat (the hotels were booked because of a soccer game) and discovered that my host’s mother  made an art calendar  once for the company I’m working for.

And I saw the players of the FC Bayern München live on their way to the Marienplatz for the big champion’s celebration.

So what does this have to do with OpenLinkNight?

For me, it’s the connections along the way that make life so rich and colorful, the little moments, the under the door frame conversations, small gestures, a smile, an encouraging word. We meet somewhere on the way and it gives a sense of community and belonging and brings little dots of colors into our lives.

Happy OLN everyone – my name is Claudia and I’m happy to be your host tonight.

If you’re here for the first time, this is how it works…

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