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atop the stack stone rock wall, little red mites run stone to stone, pass each other, crawl over each other always in motion. my son & I crouch in the grass watching til my knees burn & we’ve crossed the span of his attention.

“do you think they ever stop and talk?”

helicopter seeds gather  under the tree & we collect handfuls, take them to the back deck of my aunt’s house and spin them in the breeze howling down off the mountain. they spin, spin…some up up, some down—there is no rhyme or reason to the direction.

two kids down the road throw a half full water bottle in the air, sun twinkling on the liquid mirror interior, then swing baseball bats knocking it high, a shower erupting from the small mouth.

“you ready to go back in?”
“not yet.”

I understand, its hard seeing my grandmother, his great, in this shape, so we sit on the metal porch chairs, bounce gently on springs & watch the world move.


Yesterday was Mother’s Day. We went to my hometown and saw my mom and grandmother. Three generations of mothers in one place. It was pretty cool. Hopefully you honored the mothers in your life-no matter the relationship. it’s important.

I want to talk a bit about inspiration. Let me warn you I am about to be blasphemous.

I don’t believe in Writer’s Block.

Which means I don’t believe my writing is dependent on a Muse for inspiration.


I think there are times I don’t feel like writing and the Muse is a convenient excuse. I think there are times I don’t feel particularly inspired and the Muse becomes a convenient excuse.

Writing is a discipline, like exercise…and there are days you don’t want to, but then you do…and it feels good. Writing is like that…on days you don’t want to. You may not write anything mind blowing, but you may, when you go back and edit, take one really good phrase. The discipline though, it honors the Muse and is often rewarded, even if it is just an idea that comes in the writing.

There is probably someone out there right now still trying to figure out what they will write about for tomorrow—so let’s help them out—what inspires you? Is it external? Internal? Be specific. Have fun with this.

See you back here tomorrow…OLN…opens at 3 pm EST.