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photo credit: somegeekintn

Spring cleaning has finally made its way to my house and I spent the weekend with my family making piles of trash, piles of yard sale items, piles of donations and piles of books. I have a few books. Ok, ok, I have a book issue. I have too many books.

There, I can admit it.

I love to read. Have since I was a kid. One time, I thought I went blind. I had been reading for so long I strained my eyes and stumbled out of the house screaming for my mom—because I thought I was blind.


Last week, We talked a bit about inspiration and many of you gave some great thoughts on where you find inspiration and the muse. One of the places I am inspired is in the books I read. If I like the way a writer turns a particular phrase, I steal it.

(This is turning into confession.)

Seriously though, it is great to see how others do their art and you can pick up some great tips on writing to incorporate into your own style.

So, what are you reading?

(I think there is still a corner in the basement I can stack more books. Just kidding, I am not that bad.)

Let us know what you are reading, or maybe a favorite book or an author that you really like the way they write and why.

See you right back here tomorrow for OpenLinkNight—doors open at 3 pm EST.~Brian