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photo by Leovi

photo by Leovi

Last night, I stood at the lodge below the ski slope—hand leovi4on the rail, wood grain in the finger whorls & watched the sky explode—green, yellow, red, blue—as fire works lit the dark over the city, below us. My boys played on the grass slope below, my wife transfixed as I–&the best part was sharing it with one of our poets, my love time friend Steve E and his wife—who drove up from Florida to stay with us this weekend.

SONY DSCIt’s a cool journey, this online world—all the people you meet & never see, and sometimes get to meet—and being exposed to art & culture from all over the world. Today, our prompt for Poetics is the photographic art of Leovi—another blog friend. I don’t know where we met, but I have so enjoyed the abstract art.

Leovi has an incredible eye for light and SONY DSCdark, color and texture…seriously some really cool stuff. Big thanks for letting us use your pictures today as well. As you look at the photos, let go and let them speak to you, what emotions do they evoke? What do you see in the shadows? the colors? What do they suggest?

That one looks like a gladiator or soldier, doesn’t it?

SONY DSCHave fun—Leovi will be by to see what we come up with as well—even get a little abstract yourself if you would like…do please include the picture you chose and a link back to Leovi to give proper attribution for the inspiration.

If you are new, here is how it works:

  • Choose a picture and write a poem
  • Include proper attribution to Leovi
  • Post your poem on your website
  • Click on the Mr. Linky below and enter the direct url (web address) where we can find your poem
  • Read others that link in, the link stays open 33 hours, so check back
  • Promote yourself and others on the social media of your choice (@dversepoets)
  • Have fun

See you out on the trail.  ~Brian