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I’m addicted to words, I love how the sound of them, I love their meaning and their etymology. It was the love of words that made me start with poetry. My love had been dormant for many years, hidden under layers of other stuff, but started to bloom as I dived into the world of twitter. My addiction is so high follow a number of word prompts on twitter and I subscribe to word of today prompts on email. I even know the abbreviation (WOTD). Sometimes the word is strange and awkward like hemidemisemiquaver or buckminsterfullerene (try to write haiku with those), and sometimes beautiful words that just breathe poetry, like verdant, crimson or sussurus. I know many of you share my love (if not addiction) and it would be interesting to know how you capture these words, if you have any favorite words, or even those words you tend to overuse like a broken record. I know I have my own embargo against some overused word. By the way, my favorite word might be whiffle (a rare and precious word).

Welcome to Open Link everyone, my name is Björn Rudberg, and I’m you bartender tonight. Most of you know the drill, but there are a few number of house rules here at the bar.

  • Write a poem and post it to your webpage.
  • Enter a link directly to your poem and your name by clicking Mr Linky below
  • There you will find links to other poets, and more will join during the next 33 hours
  • Read and comment on other poet’s work, we all go here to have our poems read
  • It’s always appreciated to return a visit to those that visited you.
  • Promote your site and poetry you like on social media of your choice

And finally: Next week it’s going be the big awaited 2 year celebration.

Have a great Tuesday/Wednesday – Björn