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dverselogoWhen I was in Berlin last week, I participated in a Street Art & Graffiti tour. We went to different places in the city, looked at different artist’s work, styles and techniques, and got a bit of background on the history and culture of street art in Berlin as well.

One thing that I found particularly interesting is that most Sprayers are organized in groups & sometimes do funny things together as well.

One group did a spray paint action on a train on mothers day once– means they planned in advance what they wanted to spray, then had some group members in the train and others at the train station, watching out for the police (as graffiti is 100% illegal in Berlin) and when the train stopped, they had exactly 2 minutes to spraypaint the train while people got in and out of it. Evey member of the group knew exactly what they had to do and it reminded me a bit of an undercover agent mission… (loving things like that…) smiles

But what really moved me is: they’re artists, strong individuals, each with their own mindset and ego but they do something together, have fun, exchange, swap knowledge and inspiration… so..  smiles…

Happy OLN everyone…  the pub is one of the places where we can connect and interact as well… take the chance, visit others, leave feedback on your fellow people’s posts… and let’s have a bit fun together

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