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Guy Thing

It happens when we don’t even really notice.  We start using a saying we heard on TV or the radio. We find ourselves saying, “Oh SNAP!” and wondering – where did THAT come from?

Or maybe you’ve been captivated by a song lyric snippet, a tweet or FB status. Could be something from a commercial or radio jingle.
love 1As poets we are used to being inspired by famous quotes, Bible verses and the work of other poets.  Often we are visually inspired by everything from nature to graffiti and all manner of things in between.
It can be a funny line. It can be one that is serious. Meme worthy, or inspired by a meme which are so popular on line right now.
Without giving away what I may write about, and I have been inspired by strange snippets like the words on a Scrabble board when the game is done (http://mystic-mom.blogspot.ca/2011/11/scrabble-poem.html), or by the things my son says that just crack me up, I think you should see some examples of poetry that is inspired by snippets, and some little memes I’ve done.
Optimist signUse your own or share what inspires you in the random (cereal boxes anyone?  Coke cans or coffee cups?). Be sure to give credit where it is due, and if you can remember tell us where you saw or heard it first. Even a billboard or lanyard can provide inspiration or laughter.
Pinterest has some great boards to inspire. Check out some from my Boards, or others I follow. Our Pastor for Save The Cowboy has some really funny western sayings:  http://pinterest.com/savethecowboy/
Stay Calm LawnSerious or funny – can’t wait to see what you bring to the pub tonight.  It’s great to be behind the bar, and in honour of fall we are going to be having some lovely fall drinks including pumpkin spice lattes and Kracken spiced rum toddies. Yum!
If you are new, here is how it works:
  • write a poem based on the prompt and post it to your webpage
  • click on the Mr. Linky button below and enter your name and direct url to your poem
  • visit others, this is a community, not a dumping ground
  • have fun

Happy Saturday! ~Shanyn