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dverselogoOn Saturday, I went to see the University of Virginia (UVA) play Clemson in college football. It was ugly. Luckily, I am a fan of neither team and could just enjoy the atmosphere and the people that I was with.

Several of my high school students had been selected to play the halftime show alongside the University marching band. Over 1000 band members took the field and put on an amazing show of not only musical skill but coordination as they marched into different shapes & words across the football field.

It was quite the honor for the high school students to be able to march with someone that was where they wanted to be next. For a moment their dreams were tangible.

Ironically one of the songs they performed was a blend of the songs ‘Walk This Way’ (RunDMC) and ‘Dream On'(Aerosmith).

How boring would life be without dreams? Something we are moving toward.

Let’s Talk.

What are your dreams? What tangible steps are you taking toward them?