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dverselogoHappy tuesday everyone.

I’m writing this while lying  in my hotel bed in Nice–  after a hot ( and I mean really hot) bath– after visiting Saint Paul de Vence and walking around in pouring&cold rain for hours..

St. Paul is a place where Marc Chagall lived and worked for a few years and where he’s buried as well. It is a beautiful old medieval town with a city fortification and charming little stone houses, small alleys and lots and lots of artists and galleries.

At one point, we stood at the place where Chagall painted some of his famous floating couples above the rooftops of Saint Paul de Vence and i had my sketchbook with me – and I thought about painting the scene from up here as well– maybe even copying a painting he made up here.

But then– St. Paul meant something to Chagall– he lived here, he knew the people, his life was interwoven with this place – and none of it was true for me.

And I thought I should paint my floating couples over the Aldi rooftop for example (the supermarket where I’m buying groceries) or above the railroad tracks that go next to my walking route.

And I thought Art – be it our poetry or painting or whatever – should always be connected to our lives. Otherwise it’s meaningless or artificial in a bad way – and you cannot feel it breathe like you can when you look at Chagall’s paintings– even after so many years….

So here’s to another round of poetry, fresh from the tab, fresh from our lives– my name is Claudia and it’s my pleasure to be your host tonite.

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