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Welcome to dVerse.

There is a certain warmth that comes with being greeted as you come in the door. I think we have said that a couple hundred times since we opened the doors two and a half years ago.

We have also talked about how we hoped to build a community of poets that cared for each other. A warm place of being where we could grow together.

Here in a few weeks we will be doing something we have never done before—closing the doors.

From December 15th to January 5th, we will not be running prompts or OpenLinkNight or Pretzels.

There are two reasons for the closure.

First, it will allow our pub tenders to enjoy the holiday season with their family and not feel the pressure of having to post, host or comment. Several pub tenders have family they are caring for & as with most of us, life just happens and it seems to be doing that a lot.

Second, it will allow the pub tenders to continue a conversation we have been having behind the scenes on possible changes here at dVerse. One of the main challenges in building a place such as dVerse is the development of that community who care for one another.

One of the things that we have been discussing is how we deal with those that take but do not give back to the community, those that link in and never read anyone else. These poets become a drain on the community we are trying to create.

The main event where this happens is OpenLinkNight, which is to be expected considering it is open to anyone, unprompted and all it takes is someone dropping a link. We have discussed structure changes, setting people that link but don’t visit to spam so they can not post here any longer or continuing to ignore their links, among other possible solutions.

In the past, I have tried to ask them through comments about why they dont comment, but people are not really fond of being confronted it.

We have also talked about opening up a back room for critique, which would be invitation only, for those that are actively supporting the community aspect of the front room.

We have also admitted that maybe we just all need a break to regain some energy and motivation to move forward.

So, now you are in on the conversations. We would like you to be a part of them as well, so any thoughts you have—leave them in the comments below.

We have 2 weeks until the break, so let’s enjoy it. We have OpenLinkNight tomorrow night, back here at 3 pm EST.

See you out on the trail. ~Brian