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dverselogoWelcome back everyone—come on in…have a seat. Depending on where you are coming in from—it’s cold out there.

How was your break?

Mine was good. I wrote quite a bit. Sold a couple short stories. Had a few poems accepted for anthologies. Had fun with family. Traveled.

It’s good to be back.

So what is new?

Here are a few things to look forward to at dVerse in the coming months:

  • Holidays – we decided to schedule two (2 week) holidays into our annual calendar. One in Summer (June 24 – July 6) and one in winter (December 23 – January 5). This allows healthy breaks for our pub tenders to be with family and freedom from the obligations here in the pub.
  • New pub tenders – we are bringing on a few new pub tenders to balance the load a bit better. Some of these are in place and will be debuting in the next couple weeks and a few we are still seeking.
  • MeetingTheBar – What was previously MeetingTheBar and FormForAll will now be under one banner. This allows everyone on that team to choose to explore form or other aspects of the writing process.
  • New Header – Wait, don’t look up there yet…we are not there yet, but in the next couple weeks we will be announcing a contest, so start thinking about pictures or artwork that would fit the feel of the pub.
  • Critique – This has been a request for some time. Really since we stopped doing it several years ago. We understand the difficulty of trying to do it on a large scale so our first step back into critique will be gathering the names of those willing to become critique partners.  We will post this list on a page here at dVerse along with a link to their blog and/or email address so that you may contact them about teaming up for critique. If you are interested please send us an email at: dversepoets@gmail.com
  • Commenting – As we were heading to break we debated what to do about those that just link in and never visit anyone else. Someone in the comments said, “People are adults and can choose who to comment on.” This is pretty much the route we have decided to go. I have always made an effort to try and make everyone feel welcome and never allowed myself that choice. So really this will be a personal change for me, as I will focus on those that are creating community and welcoming those that are new. We want to remain an open community and in that we can not force others to care about others.

Outside of that list, we will be looking to bring further opportunities for publication and advancing the cause of poetry. Welcome to the new year — see you out on the trail.   ~Brian