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dverseI hope you all had a wonderful holiday break.

Fact is, I’m terribly excited to open the OpenLinkNight doors again and have goosebumps as I turn the keys.

It has been a wonderful break and I enjoyed the time that I spent with family and friends, with biking, Museum visits, painting, reading, cooking and and and….

but one evening, I sat in the pub, in the half-dark, read through a few poems and comments, lit a candle, polished some glasses, and pssshhhh… was there something…? just the wind, smiles

yep, I missed the voices, your voices, the busy pouring in, the hugs and laughter and friendship.

Welcome to our first OpenLinkNight in the new year – my name is Claudia and… let’s get the party started…

Enjoy visiting others, click through the links, meet some new people, comment on other’s work and keep the conversation going…

If you’re here for the first time… this is how it works

  • Say hello in the comments if you like
  • Click on the Mr. Linky button below, fill in your name and direct URL to your poem
  • Visit others who have linked up as well and leave them a comment so they know you have been there
  • If you like, promote the pieces you enjoyed on social media platforms such as twitter or FB
  • Enjoy the atmosphere and have fun out on the trail