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dverse“To play a wrong note is insignificant; to play without passion is inexcusable!” — Ludwig van Beethoven

smiles… starting this evening with one of my fav quotes

Have you ever read the “perfect” poem, seen the “perfect” performance, listened to the “perfect” song– ?

technically state of the art

and yet — it didn’t move you– you tried –but– couldn’t feel it

“oh it was good” you say (trying to convince yourself) “very good in fact”

yet you don’t look happy and that hunger in your soul for, for– (yeah you cannot really name it — but) it’s still not sated

The next day you go to a performance of your daughter’s school class – one of the kids throws up on the stage cause she’s so nervous (happened in a play I went to) – another forgets his text (ok, just parts of it) but hey –  their passion’s palpable –and fills the room and your heart in a way that you think it’s going to burst every minute — and in the car on the way home you whistle and smile

Passion is the key – it makes the one big difference – doesn’t mean we should not work on our writing technique (i mean, surely Beethoven worked Hard) but perfection is not what touches people’s heart in the end

Hey – that encourages me – doesn’t mean I write passionately and lazy – on the contrary – I work hard on my technical toolset as well but def. try to put my heart into my work first… as good as I can… smiles

Here we go – happy OpenLinkNight!

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