In the swiss company I work for, we have people from 34 nations working side by side, desk to desk, day by day. That is both –  a potential trouble spot and a bubbling well for innovation. Fact is (and figures prove) it makes us strong innovation-wise.

Each culture has their different point of view, their background, their specific mentality – and together, if you manage to channel the knowledge and wisdom and experience, it gives you a wide horizon. It helps you see things you wouldn’t with just your own “national” eyes and experience.

But of course, there’s a huge potential for misunderstanding each other as well – and that is not only the language. Everyone is caught a bit in their own cultural tunnel, we see the world with our specific culture glasses, we want to do things in the way we’ve learned it and it always needs a bit of thinking outside the box and stretching beyond our comfort zone if we deal with other cultures.

And I’m not only talking about other nations – think of sub-cultures, youth culture, company culture, a certain society level culture, a culture in a specific profession area.

Here in the pub we have a variety of nationalities, ages and backgrounds as well – I haven’t counted nationalities yet – but would be fun to do this. And I love the international flair of the place and the different people that walk through the door.

Taking all the different cultures and background into account – we want to establish/to grow a dVerse pub culture as well – in one sentence I would sum it up as a culture of inclusion no matter status, age or race, of open-mindedness and connecting with each other/of commenting and visiting/ a culture of healthy curiosity that makes you set out on the trail and embrace whatever awaits you on the other end of a link, a culture of yes and open communication — ha – that was a long sentence…smiles

What about you?
Do other cultures make you feel insecure or even scare you a bit?
What do you find difficult when you deal with people from other backgrounds or foreign areas?
What do you love about meeting people from other cultures and places?
Have you ever felt unwelcome in another culture?
Wanna share a story about a cross-cultural encounter and how it felt/how it influenced you?
Do you find it difficult to visit /comment on others because of cultural “anxiety”?

Pub doors are open– smiles