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Growing up, we had a piano that sat in the living room, on which my mother learned to play and my sister years later. Every year, or so, a man would come and tune the piano.

He was a curious man. I knew him well enough, he and his wife went to our church and I would see her holding his arm each week as they walked the aisle. He was always just a bit dishevelled; shirt untucked in a shot. He wore a corduroy blazer, plaid shirts and khaki pants. His shoes were slip-ons.

He would sit on the piano bench and turn his head to the side, reaching long fingers into the hood of the piano while he played notes with his free hand. I would sit and watch, knowing that he knew I was there but that he could not see me.

He had no eyes. Where they should have been on his face were to shallow pits of smooth flesh—as if he had never had anything else to go in them. While he could not see as we see, he saw much—probably much more than most of us.

Throughout life, I have met several people that happened to be blind that often saw much more than most.

As poets we rely on our sight quite often in how we write. How often have you heard “nice imagery” or “i could see what you were describing.” One of the things as writers we often try to do it get the read to see what we are seeing, or to feel they are right there as it is happening.

Today, I want to take that away.

Today, as in your poem, I want you to write with any of the other senses, but you can not use sight. You have to tell the tale or build the poem using your taste, touch, smell, what you hear—but no imagery…nothing I can see.

Uncomfortable, isnt it?

Blindfold yourself if you must, just sit and let your other senses read the moment. Maybe go outside and listen, smell, feel the wind on your skin and describe that to us—but NOTHING that I can see.

Have fun…smiles.

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See you out on the trail. (pun fully intended) Smiles.  ~Brian